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h100i platinum update failed (brick mode)


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So everything was going well in iCue until that day where I got a notification that firmware 1.00.33 was available.

Ofc I got excited and clicked.

Update "starts" a loader shows up.

h100i disappears from iCue,

fans go wild full thrust but Nothing really loads though

and after 5mn I get a notification update failed...

My h100i never came back to life in iCue, fans are still at full speed,

I tried the usb cable direct to the back of my board, it is well listed in the devices but nothing really shows up in iCue.

It feels to me that the cooler is "bricked" and I'd like to find a way to force flash

that very noisy expensive piece of steel, liquid and plastic...

Would you have any ideas pls?


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So, is there any answers to this? I'm not sure why these devices and the software/firmware are so awful. I'm on my third h100i platinum now because they work for a day, then the USB starts disconnecting and reconnecting randomly. Now the computer sees the h100i but iCue doesn't. Link just gave up on life and is totally blank. Can we have firmware that isn't constantly disconnecting?
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Same issue here. Started connected-disconnecting. Then reporting weird temps via iCue (12 celcius). Then bricked. Not showing up in iCue or USBDeview Motherboard complaining about CPU FAN Error.


Sadly did a "Corsair EVERYTHING" (cooler, 9 RGB fans, keyboard, mouse, 64GB 3200Mhz RAM) but now having some regrets.


Any body out there with ANY HELP?

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Did show up in USBDeview but not anymore.
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Fixed it! Silly mistake, anyone else might want to check over it.


In my motherboard, I did make sure the CPU_FAN was set to "DC_MODE". It was, but for good measure I unplugged and plugged in the H100i's USB and CPU_FAN header.


Then, and this was the fix that made almost ALL of my other fan issues go away - better temps, at least 50% quieter on average, no more buggy iCue - I set all my other fans to PWM_Mode. AS THEY SHOULD OF BEEN.


Double check your other fans and mobo settings:

Usually - 4 Pins - PWM_Mode

3 Pins - DC Mode (Or 1 pin in the case of this cooler because it doesn't doesn't need power from mobo)


Everything is stable. Quiet. and Cool.

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I have the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum and i did the Firmware update. It was a success but after reboot i had the same problem like you. Fans and pump spinning wild, no rgb control and no controll in uce because it dissapeared. I only get connect/disconnect sounds from windows alkl the time. Are you sure you fixed it? I dont have any hope so i could send it back.
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