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Macro recording: How to bind key+key?


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Hi everyone, I need help!


Currently I do multibox, so I'd like to switch characters pressing "Shift+F1" (account 1) and "Shift+F2" (account 2).

But I'm also looking for something more ingenious. My idea is that "to call enemy target" with focused account and switch to another account quickly. However, the switch must also contain two commands more: "take enemy target" (T key) and "attack enemy" (double left click).


I'm trying to record these macros, but I can't bind SHIFT+F1/F2.

I did read a guide http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=979071, but it dates back to 2015. Is there something news about it? Any simple function?

I own a K95 RGB and the mostly recent iCUE version.


Thank you so much for you answers.

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