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LL RGB 120s leds getting stuck.


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This just recently started happening, but when I play certain games my leds freeze or somehow get stuck. I'm using the LL RGB 120s 3 pack, with the Link and fan hub. The profile i'm using is the stock rainbow wave. Fan 1 seems to work no problems, but as soon as the system goes under a heavy load the fans on port 2 and 3 freeze.


They don't respond to any command that I change in ique either. I can even select "No Device Connected" in the lighting setup and the leds stay lit at what ever color they were when the problem started.


The only way to fix the issue is stop the game and close ique and force stop the service. After restarting the leds go back to normal.


While idling and playing world of warcraft the problem never happens, but as soon as i start Hunter call of the wild and the load on my pc cranks up they freeze again. Anyone have any ideas if this is a hardware or software problem. So many points of failure have me stumped.

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