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Corsair K95 Media Keys - Working too well?

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So, I've been using the Corsair keyboards for a while now, a K70 previously and recently upgraded to a K95


I'm having an issue with my keyboard media keys that's only recently been happening and its honestly infuriating.


The media keys now work EVERYWHERE.


They used to only work on spotify which was perfect for me i could be anywhere and it would pause my music, now if I use them and I'm on youtube or something it'll start pausing and playing videos, same with scrolling down reddit it'll start interacting with videos etc.


Is there anyway to make them work exclusively with Spotify because randomly playing videos that I have open on other monitors while I'm trying to pause/play music is honestly quite irritating.

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That's not Corsair's fault, it's Google's.


YouTube and various other websites that contain video and audio playback take advantage of media keys. You might be able to turn off this in Chrome's settings, though, I haven't checked.




A friend found a fix for me, it's a flag setting


If you're having the same issue, check this - https://www.addictivetips.com/web/disable-media-key-control-in-chrome/

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