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iCue - k95 Macros for Shift + W or CTRL + W


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Does this Not work on iCue "Gaming Keyboards" ?

I am so confused as to how this is so hard & I can't get any response or help on something that should be so simple.


I am trying to set macro keys on my new K95

But cant figure out how to Toggle Modifier keys with A-Z keys.

I need a key for Running one for Crawling

Run = Shift + W

Crawl = CTRL + W


Needs to be Toggled on by pressing the G key & then Off by pressing it a second time


Sorry, I have been trying to figure this out for a bit, it was so easy with my old keyboard, but the layout of iCue is strange with separating all the keys into their own categories, so when you need to have them working together, As most Gamers Macros do, its not very intuitive.


:mad: I have 10 Days left to be able to return this if it doesnt work as an Actual Gaming Keyboard...

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