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H100i fans spinning up/down when LL120 set to certain colours since iCUE update


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I noticed my rad fans (a pair of non-LED ML120 Pros) were spinning way faster than I expected for the current temp since the iCUE update.


After flicking between profiles and tweaking things for ages I've narrowed it down to being directly correlated to the colour I set the LL120 to, which is only connected to the pump for RGB control.


At stable ambient room temp of 23°C, with NO OTHER CHANGES my rad fans RPM change as follows when the LL120 case fan is set to specific colours:


Red: 1510RPM

Yellow: 1945RPM

Green: 1455RPM

Aqua: 1776RPM

Blue: 1130RPM

Magenta: 1836RPM

White: 1476RPM

All LEDs off: 495RPM


When I turn on the LEDs of the LL120 the CPU cooler temperature also immediately increases 5°C


For clarification I have two non-LED ML120 fans on the radiator connected to the pump's built in fan headers. I then have a single LL120 case fan connected to one of the two unused RGB headers on the pump.


So something about the RGB controller in the pump is causing it to either give itself a false temperature reading, or overheat.


Either way it's currently rendering basically my whole RGB setup unusable.

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That's ... interesting. Is it the lighting on the pump head or the fans? What happens if you turn off the pump header only and only turn on the fan LEDs?


With all other lighting turned off and only the RGB on the LL120 turned on at the above mentioned colours the issue is exactly the same.


UPDATE I've had a reply on Reddit from u/CorsairKevin who said:


"Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience, I just got word that this is a known issue and there's a firmware fix coming to address it."

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