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Corsair LL120 RGB problem


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Corsair LL120 RGB 3Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO and uses a total of six of LL120 × 3.

I am setting the illumination with the latest version of iCUE, but when the PC starts up, the USB disconnect tone sounds every time.

Also, while working on the internet or PC, it works without any problem

Launching the steam, Uplay, Epic, and Origin games causes problems with LL120 illumination with 100% establishment.

Once you have a problem, turn off your PC and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour to work properly.

I tried to replace the Lighting Node PRO and Hub, reinstall iCUE, and remove the RGB software from other companies, but the problem is not resolved.

Please tell me how to solve the problem that occurs when you start the game.

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