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Corsair H115i - Unable to control Fan Speed

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I recently built myself a new rig set up with a commander pro, LL120 and LL140 fans and the H115i platinum CPU cooler.


Using iCUE I can control the fan speeds of all the fans connected to the commander pro perfectly fine with no issues, but no matter which performance state I use (quiet, balanced, extreme, custom) the fan speeds on the H115I Platinum do not change at all.


I swapped out the default fans that came with the cooler with 2 x LL140's to match the rest of the fans in the case, as far as I can tell everything is connected properly in the case as I followed the instructions in the manual and have double checked it all.


The H115i appears in iCUE along with the two fans and the pump controls and I can physically change the settings, it's just that nothing happens when I do and the fans typically stay around 700-800rpm. On a side note, I can conmtrol the Pump fan just fine, it's just the two radiator fans that don't change.


Is there anything I'm just being silly and completely missing here? Thanks! :]

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Unless you are at an elevated coolant temperature, the fan speeds are not likely to change much when shuffling between the three default presets. At the lower end of the temperature scale, they will be pretty much the same speed.


To verify your fans do respond to control, go to the H115i Platinum tab, click on Performance, then the + symbol to create a new fan curve. Select either of the fixed speeds below and start moving it around. That should confirm functionality.


Ultimately, you will want to use these custom curves to establish the speeds you want. The presets are just that and not self-adjusting or noise based programs. Just a standard curve based on coolant temperature.

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Hey! Thanks for replying. :)


As I said above, I've tried the custom curves, the fan speed does not change no matter what I do to it, it constantly runs between the 700 and 800 rpm. With the ones attached to the commander pro, I can literally turn them off by reducing the RPM low enough, whereas the ones attached to the H115i literaly do not change no matter what settings I change.

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That's a little more concerning. Make sure you are not the 1,000,000th person to not actually apply the fan curve to the fan. It works the opposite way as Link. Click the fan curve on the left (it highlights yellow), then click the fan you want to apply it to. It will ring yellow to match. It is easy to not get the fan curve applied.


Assuming that is not the issue, try swapping the two fan connectors for the H115i Plat. Sometimes you get a weird PWM wire on one, although I thought the Plat had two fan channels and thus this should not be happening to both.


Also, make sure you are not running any other monitoring software like AIDA, HWMonitor, AI Suite, etc. that might be trying to access the device at the same time. This is a bit more extreme than what you might normally see, but the still a good idea for the time being. You may need to quit iCUE and kill its associated services after closing the other monitor (or restart the system without the other monitor).

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Okay. I swapped the fan connectors around and now they seem to respond to the changes I make in iCUE, albeit they will literally not drop below 700rpm, which isn't much of an issue really. They also react to the changes I make much, much slower than those connected to the commander pro, takes about a minute or two before they slowly change speeds. But this is a result I guess, so thank you! :]
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Just bought this Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler and i have no commander pro unit. I have same issues no matter what i do the fans do not change speeds with iCUE.

Mind you I have the older version and used iCUE and had no problem with fans. But one day the fan header on my cooler just died after 4 years of use..

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Ok I have fixed the fan speed issues turns out I have to remove all past configs manually after uninstalling. C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\Corsair


The uninstaller asks if you want to remove saved profiles but it does not delete them.

I have version 4.9.350 installed latest firmware.


Now the only issue I have is if I set to lighting set to Temperature and adjust to pump Temperature set to 85= green, 95=yellow, and 105 = red my pump temp is actually 85.

Problem is it still shows lighting red so the software temps are way off about 100 f.


I can set the red to 200 and still shows red rans and pump lights.


Edit just very buggy setting that part up. If you set by scenes all works fine.

One thing that they missed in version 4 is use arrow keys up, down, left and right to set curves and numbers.

You can edit numbers by entering number or drag the point. Buggy and can't change names of devices. Fans say Fan #1 so on so forth. Past version i could edit and link I could edit name.

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