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LL120 Fan lighting problem


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Hey all,


Have a bit of a weird problem with my LL120 Fan... Haven't found a replicated issue as of yet.


So randomly when the PC is on, the RGB ring with the LL120 fan will randomly start to flash random colors, I'm not sure how to fix this. The Firmware for everything is up to date, even tried to force update everything. Seems its mainly my rear fan and half of my top back fan. I have 6 total LL120 fans, 3 upfront, 2 up top, and 1 on the rear.


Here is a video showing the issue.





Anyone have any idea how to fix such issue?

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Have you rearranged the fans on the RGB fan hub with the same results? What happens if iCue is closed? The fans work in a chain and if one fan is bad, it can cause the rest of the chain to have issues. Try hooking them up individually on the RGB hub to confirm the LEDs are working properly for the fans.
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