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Hydro Series H100i RGB + Crystal Series 280X RGB


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Hello everyone,


I'm completely new into pc building and I'm going to build my first pc in some time.


I read Zotty's thread about corsair RGB hardware and it was very helpful to understand the core principles.


Nevertheless, I'm not quite sure about following topics.


I plan to build in the Crystal Series 280X RGB case (with two LL RGB fans preinstalled). Furthermore I want to use the Hydro Series H100i RGB in my build.


Attached you can find the planned RGB setup.


My questions:

  • Would this setup work?
  • Do I have to connect the H100i RGB to the Corsair Commander Pro via USB?
  • Is it possible to sync the LL RGB fans with the ML RGB fans in this case?
  • Could I also leave out the Commander Pro and use the Lightning Node Pro which is included with the 280X RGB case? If yes, would it be a drawback to manage the fan speed of the front fans (2x LL RGB) via the mainboard?


Thanks in advance. I hope the questions aren't to silly... building such a RGB setup is really complex when you are doing it for the first time :!oops:




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Did you find the answer


I also plan to build in the Crystal Series 280X RGB case (with two LL RGB fans preinstalled). With the Hydro Series H100i RGB


I do have the commander pro but will send it back if i dot need it(not bothered about the heat sensors)

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Wow ... I can't believe that we missed the OP's post. :(


The setup for the OP is OK except - the RGB for the fans on the Platinum coolers can be controlled by the cooler; there's no need for a second fan hub.


The biggest drawback of managing fans with the motherboard is lack of control. The CoPro gives you very fine control and a lot of options, profiles, etc. for managing fan speed. But you can do OK using the motherboard to control the fans.


The heat sensors are one of the best features of the CoPro, IMHO. Internal case temperature is often overlooked and really has an impact on lots of things. Also, that's what your case fans are managing - so basing your case fan speeds on an internal temp is the most appropriate use case. But it's not an absolute requirement unless you are OCD about managing system temps.

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