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Someting like ''Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE' planned in black? LL-Fans


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Dear Corsair Team,


just wanted to ask if there is a water cooling planned like the 'Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE' with LL-Fans just not in white ;)


I own nearly the complete Corsair RBG-Suite in an Obsidian 1000D with LL-Fans over the complete setup with mouse, mouspad, keyboard, headset and stand. So i would like to get a water cooling that matches the setup and working properly with ICUE. Is something like that planned?


By the way. ICUE is a great thing and working nicely in my setup. Great work!

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For what it's worth, you can put LL series fans on the existing RGB compatible AIOs and they work fine. You just have to select the correct fan type in the iCUE settings.


For example I'm using my H100i (which comes with ML120 RGB fans) to run two non-RGB ML120 fans on the rad and then using one of the RGB connectors to run an LL120 case fan.

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