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Bind key and mouse button to same key

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Trying to do something that seems fairly simple: just want to bind one of the G keys on my K95 to "Alt+Right-Click", so that while it's held, it registers as both as if I'm holding the alt key and the right mouse button.


I can do one or the other, but not both, from what I can tell.

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Hi xMacias!


So, that wasn't quite what I was looking for, but it got me on the right track, so I did solve it!


I wanted a click-down+ key-down on a keydown, and a click-up+key-up on a keyup. I wound up getting there by doing half the events in one macro, half in another, and using the "second event" to map the second event to the key-up. Works perfectly!


Thanks for the hint! Not sure how to embed screenshots, but the 2 relevant shots are attached, for anyone interested.


This was to map rotate, pan and zoom in Zbrush to 3 G-keys, FYI. Works great.



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