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Mouse issues across multiple games


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For a few years now, I have had issues with the left mouse button across multiple games. In BF1 and BF5, at times when pressing the button, the gun will not fire. Other times, while firing, lifting off the button will not stop it. Recently I have been playing The Division 2 and seeing this same type of behavior.


As far as systems, I have seen this on Windows 10 over the last 3+ years, on my X99 build, a Ryzen 2700x build and now my 9900k build. Has happened with the older versions of CUE and now with the latest iCue. The only constant devices used across all those builds are a K70 Lux keyboard and a M65 Pro mouse. I have replaced the mouse once over that 3+ year period due to wear, but even the new one exhibits this.


Before I rush out and buy a KB/Mouse setup from a competitor, I'd like to see if any has had this issue and found a resolution.

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