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Gigabyte X99P-SLI and Vengance RGB Pro issue


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Like the thread title says i have some issue with my Gigabyte X99P-SLI and my Corsair Vengance RGB PRO.


I have all 8 ram slots used (4x Real ram and 4x lighting kit) in quad channel.


The problem is ICUE shows me only the 4 ram slot in the left of the cpu. the one on the right dont shows :(:


Someone have an idea how i can fix that?


What i tryed:

Change the rams from right to left but still same

Updated the firmware of all ram sticks but still same

Removed the rams from the left side and booted only with rams on the right side but still same

Searched for SPD write in my mainboard bios but its not here or gigabyte have an other name?



As CPU i have a intel xeon e5 2693 v3 enginering sample inside.


i attach 2 pictures so that everyone can see what i mean



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