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M65 PRO RGB turning off all USB ports (maybe)


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So after a moderate amount of usage (like 30 minutes) my mouse starts freezing every few minutes (every 1-2). Nothing too serious. Then, 20-30 minutes after the freezing, the mouse stops moving. My keyboard lights start flashing repeatedly. I cannot type or move my mouse. Unplugging and re plugging doesn't seem to do anything. Only way to stop this is to press the power button, and the problem goes away temporarily.


This happened a month/a few weeks (not sure) before my power supply stopped working for some unknown reason. I just got a new one and installed it.


I plugged in the mouse and played for 40 minutes, nothing wrong so far but I didn't dare go any further out of fear that I would have to hold the power button again to save my PC. (I have issues turning off my PC this way since that's how my older PC's power supply got messed up.)


Can I assume that the reason this happened was due to the faulty power supply? Is it safe to plug my M65 back in? Or am I stuck with this $10 replacement mouse with an IPS value so low that I can't even flick 40 degrees w/out problems?


Although this $10 mouse is much nicer because of how light it is in comparison to the M65, I still would like the competitive advantage that the M65 provides, such as an actually decent IPS value.


Sorry for the strange post. I'm not really good with hardware. Hopefully someone knows why this occurred.



Thank you in advance.

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Took your suggestion to just use it and played 3 games of Counter-Strike, saw some slight pauses near the last 2 games but they were spaced out by like 10 minutes each pause (which only lasted 2-3 seconds).


No complete USB shutdown yet, seems good so far.


Hopefully I'm in the clear.

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Mouse is freezing more and more frequently as time goes on, even going as far as to make the windows 'usb disconnection' noise. Sucks because it was acting very dormant up until now.


I just got this power supply, so that can't be it.


Does anyone know why this happens?

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