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RMA: can it get any worse?


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Two months ago (03/10) I opened the ticket #866184 to report a fault AX860i with the already famous click sound and no power output.


At first Corsair staff was gentle and reasonably fast. They just asked me confirmation about model, SN and proof of purchase to start the RMA process. Not without pitfalls like emitting a wrong shipping label, or sending back a replacement to an incomplete address which caused some problems upon arrival. But all that was OK, so to say, and overall the experience was satisfactory.


And one month later (04/08) I got a replacement PSU back just to discover it was also faulty. This time with the famous bootloop issue already reported here on the forum several times.


Before contacting support again, I did several tests on my system in an attempt to figure out what could be causing the issue. After all, I couldn't discard some hardware failure even tough my computer was (and still is) booting and working perfectly with a borrowed platinum PSU from some other brand.


So I took off everything from the case, stripped the entire system off and connected only one piece at a time, taking special care with my memory sticks (btw, Corsair's Vengeance LP) since that is a common culprit for the kind of issue I was observing. And did all that only to watch the bootloop issue repeating itself every moment. Yet not convinced, I finally took the PSU with me and connected it to a friend's computer just to observe his system being abruptly shutdown repeated times.


So on 04/18, I reported the problem: "The replacement PSU I received has some problem. It enters into bootloop mode every time: turn on for a sec and turn off, doing that indefinitely. I managed to make it work a few times by unplugging the CPU power cable. But now it is completely stuck into bootloop and refuses to work properly, even when I unplug the CPU power cable."


Got a response two days latter asking me to do a paper clip test with the remark that "please note that this test is only useful if your computer does not power on AT ALL. If the system starts and then stops immediately, or the fans on the case spin for a second before stopping, this test will not prove anything useful".


On 04/23, I insisted: "Yes, my computer is currently running with another PSU. I received the replacement PSU two weeks ago and have already done several tests in an attempt to determine what might be causing the problem, including connecting it to another computer and watching it being shut down randomly a few times."


Only got a response three days later, 04/26. Funny enough, it always takes 48 to 72 hours to get a support answer... ALWAYS. And for my surprise the response I got ask me to "take a video showing bootloop mode or whatever problem youre having with PSU".


So, I bought a premium product, with a 10yr warranty, from what was supposed to be a reputable company. The product has failed, the replacement has failed, 60 days later I'm still waiting for a solution and your staff do not believe me and ask me to take a video to prove that the PSU is not working properly.


My impression is that all is happening with the purpose of making the customer give up. If that is really the case, just tell me. I will forget that PSU completely and I'll never buy another Corsair product again just for the sake of not bothering you one more time.

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