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CPU Package Temp fluctuating


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I couldn't decide between this or the iCue forum but I thought I'd try here first.


I'm one of those people that are super paranoid about my CPU temps and I'm constantly checking just to see how I'm doing after gaming or watching 4K movies.


I have a Corsair Hydro H115i and in iCue, my CPU Package Temp is fluctuating constantly. Right now it shows 32c but it will randomly spike to 35, 40, 45 and then immediately drop back down to 32 the next second. While the individual cores are staying right at 31-32. Is this normal?


I don't recall seeing temperatures jump around like that and to that degree.


I'm wondering if I need to re-paste my CPU or if I might have a power supply issue, something else going on or if this is completely normal.


Can anyone else with iCue or other temp monitoring software that can see if their package temp jumps constantly?

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