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ValueSelect Dual Channel plus one


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I have an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard with an AMD XP 3200 Barton CPU. The mobo uses the nVidia nForce2 SPP chip set. The mobo has three memory slots. I have a pair of Corsair Value Select Dual Channel 512 sticks in the blue slots and the system works fine.


I purchased a single stick of Corsair VS 512k to put in the third slot. When I do, the system becomes unstable. I ran a series of tests using MemTest+ to isolate the problem. All the sticks test fine when installed solo. The Dual Channel sticks are fine when they are the only ones installed. But when I add the third stick, errors and lots of them. I tried all sort of variations in slot placement and combinations of sticks. No luck.


I researched the problem and came across a couple threads that indicates the nVidia chipset prefers the third stick to be the sum of the dual channel sticks. In other words, I could install a 1GB stick in the third DDR slot and my system might be happy.


Before I purchase a 1GB stick, I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this situation.


Another issue: Corsair only list a C3 1GB stick on their web site. The Dual Channel memory I currently use does not have the C3 on the part numbers. I can't find a non C3 1 GB stick anywhere online. Will the C3 stick work with my current memory?


My memory settings are: 2.5-3-3-8. Voltage is 2.6. Mobo BIOS is the latest (1013). nVidia chipset and graphics drivers are all the latest.


I create motion graphics and I need all the memory I can muster for previews and rendering. So anyway to squeeze more memory from this mobo would be a boon.


Thanks for any help.

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Welcome to the forums, robertdor!


First off, most dual-channel mainboards don't like you to mix/match memory modules. Since the third module isn't "matched" to the first pair, that's what you're doing.


It might have a different IC, PCB, etc (Components of the module itself).


Thus, you may need to relax your latencies to get them to work, I.E. try 3-4-4-8 @ 2.65 or 2.7 volts and see if that helps.


As for the 1Gb stick, are you only looking at Value Select? I think all the VS 1GB modules are CAS 3 which is one of the reasons they're VALUE memory.


You'd probably have to go for a CMX1024-3200C2 module to do better, but with three installed, you'll have troubles getting it to run even at CAS 2.5, especially if all three aren't the same module.




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Thanks for the welcome and the advice.


As a baseline, I upped the DDR voltage to 2.7 (2.65 is not available in my BIOS) and changed the memory settings to 3-4-4-8. Then I ran MemTest+ which completed successfully with errors.


I added the third stick of 512, ran MemTest+ and numerous errors resulted. So no joy there.


Is it possible to order memory by lot number to get a matched stick? What about the possibility of putting a 1G stick in the third slot?



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