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Any new White Mice coming out soon?


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You have almost none except the M65 Pro and M65 Elite on white mice and the glossy finish is not very pleasant so i decided to stay away from them for now.


I tried the M65 elite but i got dissapointed honestly and got a refund to buy

something else.


Glossy finish - collects grime fast compared to the regular coating

Loose plastic on some spots of the mouse

Scroll wheel made some weird grinding sounds, not satisfying at all

No thumb or pinky rest

Pretty small for big hands and uncomfortable for palm grip users.


I was expecting a little better than that, maybe that's just me and i am a bit too picky i guess.


Anyways, on the initial question, you don't have many white mice on the market except that, any plans on that changing?


Since the Glaive Pro just released i thought you could make a White Mat finish version of it instead of just black?


Just throwing out ideas, i am trying desperately to pair my K70 MK2 Se with a white mouse but since i was not satisfied with the m65 Elite there is no other *Corsair* option for me there :/.

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