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Harpoon Wireless issue on laptop wake up


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  • Appears on “Resume from sleep” using Harpoon mouse move or button
  • Laptop wakes up, but immediately Harpoon mouse stops working, gets disconnected, and iCUE shows red triangle. Have to use laptop mousepad instead
  • To reset Harpoon mouse, I can either:
    + unplug then replug the dongle
    + or reboot laptop
    + or go to Device Manager / User Interface devices, then disable/enable the dongle USB port. Then restart iCUE to have Harpoon mouse detected in iCUE again

Tests done so far:

  • 3 other wireless mouse devices/dongles: Victsing wireless, Logitech wireless M195 and M305. All work fine and wake up laptop with no issue
  • Move Harpoon dongle on all laptop USB ports (2.0 and 3.0). Same issue on all of them
  • Test Harpoon mouse with USB cable. No wake up issue with USB cable

For now, in order to turnaround this issue, I’ve disabled in Device Manager, the “Wake up from sleep” option for the HID mouse device used by Harpoon mouse. I can only wake up laptop now with laptop keyboard, mousepad, or power button.


Any idea how I can solve the issue?

Any Dongle software issue here?

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