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iCUE3 and dark core problems


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I own a K95 RGB for a while now and I really enjoy it. Now I needed a new mouse and bought the Dark Core. After ~5 days with this combination I would like to share my experiences and ask a few things about iCUE.


First of all, the mouse refused to load after I got it out of the box. Although in the manual it says load it up before use, this wasn't possible. I don't know why.


So I connected it to the PC and fired up iCUE. Normally I have no problem with getting into new softwares, but seriously, what did you think with the iCUE user experience. For the keyboard it was not optimal but for the mouse it is horrible.


It took me forever to find out how to remap buttons of the mouse. This is such a basic feature, it should not be made so complicated. One thing I had to learn on the way is that for some reason it is not possible to use a hardware profile while iCUE is active. As soon as I switch into a different window with the mouse cursor, a non HW iCUE profile is automatically selected. When you don't notice it you suddenly change the wrong profile. Why is that? Makes absolutely no sense to me. When I finally finished making my first hardware profile and loaded them in the mouse (why can you only do that via cable? This makes no sense at all with a RF mouse. Look at Logitech, they can do it better), I had strange problems during gaming. For some reasons the mapped buttons didn't work, sometimes. I could not find a reason for it. Little context change to another program and back, and they work again. Why is this? Then when I was fiddling with another new profile in iCUE, suddenly the mouse stopped working completely. I had to turn it off and on again to get it working. Oh, yes I am on the latest firmware (3.22).


These are my experiences with the iCUE software and especially the Dark Core mouse. The K95 works absolutely fine (of course the above mentioned software flaws also are there for the K95, but they didn't impact me there so much and the keyboard qorks absoultely fine).


Then when I went through the above fun with iCue, I had to load the mouse. For some unknown reason now it worked via cable. I hope it stays this way.


Here are some more questions on the iCUE software:


- Why is there no percentage view of the remaining battery available in iCUE? The available symbol is no real help.

- Why is it not possible to dim the light on the mouse? There is a brightness regulator which has only on and off, again makes no sense.

- Why are there no explanations for the device options, e.g. the energy saving mode of the dark core. What exactly does it do?

- Why is there no possibility to map the battery status to one button so I can see the status like I do when I switch on the mouse?


From the mechanical side, I really like the dark core mouse. But the firmware and the combination with iCUE seems to be in a beta state at best.


Is it planned to work on the above points I mentioned? Because if not I will return the mouse, I have no fun in being a beta tester at all, especially at this price tag.

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