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XMS 3200 and r3000z compatibility


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I have a brand new Compaq r3000z 3700+ coming in the mail and I want to upgrade the memory as soon as I get it in. I need to know if the 512 mb sodimm XMS 3200 modules work in this laptop. I will be making sure the most recent bios/etc is installed before I do anything.




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The information is not clear on this model, you might ask Compaq weather it takes DDR333 or DDR400. But the information I can find suggests it takes DDR333 memory. If it takes DDR333 I would replace the memory with 2 VS512SDS333 modules.
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No I will be putting in brand new ram throughout. I just got word back from HP... and it was as useless as I thought it would be. Their response was "PC2700 333 MHz So-Dimm"... not exactly the voltage requirements or manufacturer compatibility I asked for.


Oh well, please let me know if you figure anything out.

Thanks again

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I just wanted to offer everyone my update:

I just received the laptop yesterday and had a stick of

CMXSD512-3200LL waiting for it. It installed fine (in the slot under the keyboard). I installed a new HD and windows professional and everything is running quite well. I will be putting in a second module in the near future after I am positive that this module doesn't present any compatibility issues. I am running memtest now and it looks all clear so far.


here's the skinny on the laptop...

Compaq R3000Z

AMD 3700+

60 gb Hitachi 7200 RPM

(1 - under keyboard) CMXSD512-3200LL

64 mb Nvidia 440

15.4" 1680 x 1050 screen


I'm looking forward to picking up that second module and am glad I was stubborn enough to try the XMS knowing it probably wouldn't work :)



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