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Question for an ASUS board

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I have an Asus board that I used in MCE machine, since I bought the board my only problem with the board is its RAM support, the thing has issues with running at a full DDR400 and also a few issues with double sided ram…. Because of this I will prob never buy a Asus board again cause I have heard this problem with so many of their boards now that I have one of their POS boards.


I am in need of upgrading the ram in this machine with extenders being added to it all over the house. For right now I am looking at the VS1GBKIT400 DDR kit, but I am having a hard time figuring out if it is single sided. This will fill the remaining slots and I HAVE to have single sided ram because of all four slots being filled.


So can someone please just tell me if this kit is single sided or not? If not I need a suggestion for two 512MB DDR400 single sided rammies.

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Which one?

Also, what CPU are you using in it?


P4R800-V Deluxe

P4 3.2Ghz

(right now) 512MB DDR400

4x200GB HDDs


I know this board is not the greatest but it was for the home theater setup and gave me quite a few options for a cheap price. I normally buy ABIT and will prob replace this board in the next upgrade with a ABIT...


But sadly this does not tell me if that kit is single sided or not.

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Most modules that are 512MB or above are double sided modules, and 256MB and below will be single sided. Enable for the user to tell whether or not if they have single or double sided; on our modeling it should have an "A" on it, "A" will indicate that it is a single sided memory module. The P4R800-V MB will only run at DDR333 if you used the onboard video, and if the modules that you have are double sided; only solution for this is to set the memory speed manually at DDR 330MHz.
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