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H110GTX life expectancy


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Well, typical a cooler reaches the end of its life when the pump starts to wear down or the flow of coolant is no longer as speedy as it once was. Very few to zero coolers end their life in a explosive volcano of glory. One of the least common causes of termination is defective hoses and the ones we do see in the forums have usually suffered some type of physical change (cracked caps, extreme heat exposure) that gives itself away with one look. If your hoses or radiator have physical signs of wear, you replace it right now.


Most early deaths come from mechanical or electrical shortcomings on some little tiny part. One day you boot up and temps start ticking up fast -- 45-50-55-60.... 90... shutdown. The risk the system is low. The inconvenience is high, unless you have a back up air cooler or something handy. There is no early warning sign for this. It just happens to some.


At 4-5 years, you are hitting the expected average lifespan (based on the presence of a 5 year warranty). The third item to look out for is a slow decline in performance. This happens gradually and is hard to see in day to day use. Suddenly, you realize you never ever used to get to 40C coolant temp and nothing has changed. If you rule out standard detrimental elements (dust, environmental changes, etc), then you know the clock is ticking and should start to consider what you want next, but it does not mean the cooler will drop dead in the next few weeks. For your specific cooler, 4-5 years is a really good run and it likely means your components were pristine and their construction good. No reason to suspect a cataclysmic event.

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