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Lot Number for Corsair H75 Hydro CPU Cooler


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Good morning from Greece


I need to find the Lot number for my Corsair H75 for an open tech support ticket. My issue is that since the cooler was bought about 2 or 3 years ago there is a good to honest chance its box has long since been discarded (I buy a lot of parts for both work and family so I occasionally have to throw out the oldest boxes).


Can I find the Lot number from the stickers/numbers on the cooler itself?


I have already sent over a photo of the Barcode and the numbers below it which I assume is the serial number, but I can't find a second sticker as someone suggested for a different Corsair H model (H110i I think).


Thank you for your time in advance.





Edit: Corrected the photo so that it shows

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