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iCue Window Error (Bug or whatever you call it)


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For a couple months i've been experiencing this issue that you can see on image or video (in zip file).


Issue is iCue doesn't work when i open it, when i scale it, it generates that black area. I cant see window buttons(eg fullscreen, minimize, close), scrolling doesnt work.


First i thought it was an issue about my windows 10 but today i made a clean format and i was suprised to see same problem again. That is the only program i'm having this issue.


My cpu is i5 4460, mb is msi h97 gaming 3, gpu is msi r9 380 4gb and have 16 gigs of ram.

I'm using iCue for hs70 and planing to buy k70 pro mk2 but afraid of this issue.

My other periphials are logitech g700s, steelseries apex 350 keyboaed and razer orbweaver chroma, all have their apps installed. Windows 10 is updated to the latest.


By the way, i'm using dual monitor setup. 1080p main and 720p as a side monitor. Been using this way all the time.


Untitled 2.zip


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Go to Windows Settings

Select Display on the left

Set "change the size of text and apps" to 100%.


Often that happens because of display scaling. Unfortunately there is not a workaround at this time for higher scaling.


its already at 100% for both monitors. still i changed it to 125% 150% and 175% but nothing changed.

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