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3rd LL120 fan failed on me in less than a year...


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Been running some LL120 en LL140 fans for quite some time now and I love them! When they work..


The first one failed on me after a few months, no problem, RMA went well and got a new one. Great support. Then I changed my case and had to order another LL120 which was DOA.


Then today I fired up my PC and as the expert I have become I immediately saw another fan failed and broke the chain. It was partially lit en doesn't listen anymore to iCue just like the other two did when they failed.


Now I can again swap this one as it's still under warranty but I'm starting to think something is wrong in my setup that causes these failures. Other possibility ofcourse is that these fans are just not that reliable.


I do think these are the best looking RGB fans out there but the failures are worrying me. I have them attached to a Lightning Node Pro.


Any idea what could be causing this? Anything I can check before RMA'ing another fan? Thanks in advance.




Lian LI PC-080 Dynamic

Asus Z170 Deluxe

i7 6700K

GTX 1080 TI

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Hmm, so one was DOA and two went out over time? Just to confirm, have you hot-swapped the RGB fan header cables on the RGB hub? This is the most common thing I see when fans are having LED issues. This will often burn out some LEDs on the fans and cause them to not function properly.


Besides that, it's hard to pin point what caused this issue. It could be one of several things. Besides a bad fan, it could be the hub or even the PSU. When the issue occurred again, was it the same port as last time, or a completely different port? If you move the possible defective fan onto port 1 of the RGB LED fan hub, do you experience the same issue?

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