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Paying for return shipping?

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I just got approved a few days ago for a standard RMA and I was very excited to send my case back and get a new, non-defective one. I was planning on disassembling my PC today, but last night I printed the shipping label and went through the fine print. I have to pay the return shipping? For a case that had parts wear down and rust within a year of ownership??


I decided to look into the shipping and hoped it wouldn't be too bad. But the slowest shipping option came out to $130, $10 more than what I paid for it in 2018.


Is there any way by talking to customer service that I might find a solution to this and get my replacement without paying more than the case is worth? Is going to Amazon.ca for support a year after purchase an option? I'm looking for any help on this right now because it's really stressing me out.


I would really like to just get a refund and buy a better case from Corsair, but I haven't been able to find any examples of them giving out refunds.

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I am in a similar situation as above. I have pair of ram one of which has become faulty, my RMA has been approved and I am also offered an option for advanced RMA if I prefer that and don't want to be out of PC for weeks. I appreciate that option provided by Corsair.

The only concern is the faster version of RAM pair (2666mhz compared to my 2400mhz) is available for $60AUD in Australia, and sending the defected RAM pair to Taiwan with tracked shipping is costing me around $40AUD. I am hoping if Corsair could review this case and perhaps provide the prepaid shipping. If the cost of shipping is more than half the amount of what the product is valued at, than it pretty much defeats the purpose of warranty.

I'd appreciate if I could get some help on this.


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