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LL 120's and Commander Pro


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If you are on quiet, balanced, or extreme, you don't have a speed control. You are shifting between three preset fan curves tied to CPU temperature. It's not really a low, medium, high, "5/7/12 volt" kind of thing. It defaults to CPU temp because that is the only thing every system is guaranteed to have. You are going to want to get off that pretty much immediately.


Go to the performance tab, click the + to create a new "cooling mode". This is your custom curve. Most people are going to be better served by using GPU temp or coolant temp (if you have a Corsair AIO) for general case fan control. Those will work fine, but do need the software to pull that data from the motherboard. On boot, you may get a momentary fan blast. The other option is to use the thermal probes that came with the C-Pro. It really doesn't matter where you place them, as long as you get a sufficient temperature range to make gradual fan control possible. Above the GPU, rear exhaust, or radiator exhaust are all decent choices. The temp probe control is native to the Commander Pro and will work with or without the software running.


*Also, make sure both the fan curve is selected (yellow highlight) first, then click all the fans you want it applied to ( fan speed will outline yellow ring). It's a bit different than Link and it took me a good month to stop clicking the fan, then the fan curve. If both the fan curve and fan(s) are not yellow, then it is not applied.

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