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Hey guys.

My first time building a PC and now with all that RGB "madness" ;)

I'm about to start building in Obsidian 1000D and it will contain 13 fans (including the H150i)

My first question: Can I connect 3 fans to a single channel on Commander PRO using splitter 1-to-3 cables ?

And my 2nd question: Can I use the same splitter cables to group the fans on Corsair LED Hub ? Or do I have to use a different cables for that ?

If so, where can I find them ?




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Hi Buddy,,


No more than 2 fans per header (power) and no more than 8 fans in total imho.. .5a Limit for the entire unit... this includes its MCU as well as a 1a limit per fan header. (note.Not Officially supported but there is no reason why you can not use Fan header Splitter cables but its been noted triple fan splitters cause issues) this limit also includes any RGB strips you have connected




Read this RGB Faq




Second read this, my 1000d build faq/log



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So I do need another Commander PRO, right ?

And it has to be connected to a separate Sata on PSU, yes ?


Another CoPro is an option, yes. You can also look at a powered PWM Fan Hub as an option too.


As for separate SATA - no splitters. But the SATA adapter can be on the same line from the PSU.

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