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New pc build - 1 of 5 fans lighting up - Please help


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Hello! I just built a new PC (first time in about 9 years...still rocking my first gen i7-950 as my girlfriends pc now). This is the first time I've dealt with RGB fans and I could use some help. I read Zotty's page on here and it seemed to make sense but I just cant get everything working correctly, please help!!


I have the H100i RGB Platinum SE with the 2 included LL120s set up to pull. I have 2 black corsair fans that came with my 275r case on the front of the radiator, set up to push (these 2 are just plugged into fan headers on the motherboard, though). The 3 pin fan wire that is coming off of the pump's SATA cable is plugged into the motherboard as well.


I also bought a 3 pack of LL120's -- 2 are on the top of my case as exhaust fans. The third, I've replaced the stock fan on my EVGA 1080 TI FTW3 Hybrid (its on the radiator as a push set up, on the back of my case as an exhaust fan).


The -5- LL120's (2 on the AIO, 3 on my case) are all plugged into the RGB hub for RGB control, and the Commander Pro for fan rpm control. I've tried this 3 different ways now:


1. RGB Hub has 5 rgb cables going to it, 1 SATA power, and 1 cable going to the Commander Pro LED slot 1. The Commander Pro has SATA power and then a USB cable going to my motherboard. iCue picks up the 5 fans and I set a fan curve and it does work. Only 1 fan lights up, however (I believe its the one that I have plugged into port 1 on the RGB hub).


2. Same setup as above, but instead of going from the RGB Hub to the Commander Pro, the RGB Hub goes into LED slot 1 on a lighting node pro (which is SATA powered) and then runs to a USB header on the Commander Pro.


3. Same setup as #2, but also with LED slot 2 on the Lightning Node Pro going to LED slot 1 on the Commander Pro.


Nothing changes between any of these variations; I just get the 1 fan lighting up.


PLEASE let me know if there's a better way to set this up. Like I said, its the first time I've dealt with these RGB fans. I've been running an h100i on my old pc for about 8 years now with no problems...with a 4 fan push/pull setup usually around 80% speed all the time. That was a lot easier to set up.


Thank you!!



EDIT: Picture of the parts and the current build status. I haven't closed everything up yet because I'm dealing with this lighting issue: https://imgur.com/a/fsGtXIf


P.S. The h100i is not showing up in iCue...is that a problem?

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Can you show your iCUE configuration?

What happens when you use Instant Lighting?


Hey DevBiker — instant lighting was only changing the one fan (#5) when I used. I ended up doing the most basic troubleshooting I could think of and unplugged all cables from the RGB Hub and reversed their order. It works perfectly now. So I’m running just the RGB Hub and the commander pro now and icue is controlling everything correctly.


I’m still open to suggestions for rewiring if it doesn’t sound like it’s set up right. I also never did see my h100 in icue either

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I suspect that you have 1 bad fan and that's now in the final slot. The fans operate in series (like christmas tree lights) and a fan can fully light up but not pass the signal. So reversing them can actually fix things.

As for the H100 ... do you have the USB connected? If so, where is it connected?

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