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HD Fans led issue - Corsair Carbide SPEC-OMEGA RGB


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Hi all,


This is my First post (ever), so if something is wrong or i forgot something, let me know.



I have a problem with my fans in my case. when i start up my pc, all the rgb lights light up and all works fine.

but when I try to control my rgb on my fans (by for example switching profile), some leds just keep a static light from what it was the first time it lights up. (see attached image).




I have already tried debugging, and it doesn't seem to be a problem with the led itself (it works fine on startup). i have tried switching the plugs of the fans, but it the same leds don't change.

when i try restarting with iCUE (in iCUE>settings>restart iCUE Service), it still stays the way it was.


what I think it might be is the commander pro controller. but i am not sure.

I don't think it is the fans as they do seem to be able to display the correct color (in the beginning)




iCUE version: Software version 3.14.104 (using latest)

Firmware for SPEC-OMEGA RGB: v. 0.7.122 (using latest)

Fans: just the standard fans that came with the case (HD RGB Series Fans), nothing changed to the cabling, fans worked fine at first


Hope i have provided you with enough information, just ask if more is needed



Has anyone else ever come across this problem, or has an idea how to fix it? pls let me know.







Attached image shows the fan with the fans rgb turned off in iCUE, but still shows two green leds from the profile displayed before it


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More info: fans worked fine at first
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Try rearranging the fans on the hub. Does the problem "follow the fan"?


I have tried what you said, and yes, the same led's stay its first color.

so i think these led's are bad.


I just thought it might be the software or the commander that gave a bad input, since the led's sometimes work with the rainbow effect at startup (when iCUE hasn't started up). the when iCUE starts up, the led's just stay at the color that they where in the rainbow effect (static color).

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