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SP120 RGB's Brightness in 460X case


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Hi there

Just bought the very nice 460X case

The SP120 RGB's look great, I like them static .. but they're just a little too bright

One question, is there any way of dimming the SP120's down a bit

I was thinking of getting 3 more if I could dim them down a bit

2 for top & 1 x back, but inside would get even brighter

I've looked long & hard here and googled to no avail


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Hi Zotty

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I want to dim the SP120's between 70% down to 20% brightness ..

Would the lighting node pro do the same thing for less cost & bulk? leaving fan speed for motherboard


yes both devices allow you to control brightness.. either in settings for both channels combined or with in the lighting profiles for that profiles brightness....

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