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Devices not being recognised on iCUE


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Hi first post,


So I got the 500D RGB SE as my new case to put my build in and a new H150i to replace my previous AIO.


Im using a push/pull setup on the 360 rad at the front with 6 x LL120 rgb fans.


I then have 2 x LL140 rgb fans up top with 1 LL120 at the rear.


I followed the attached diagram from the FAQ page when setting it all up.


Take away the PSU (i dont have an iCUE PSU) I have it all setup just like that, front six fans to the CoPro/LED hub in sequence and the rear 3 to the AIO and 2nd LED hub.


I do also have the shown lighting node pro and 2 x LED strips. With reference to the USB lines I have the AIO in my motherboard (ASUS crosshair hero VI) 2.0 header and the CoPro in the ROG ext header which I've read can also be used as a 2.0 header (not 100% sure)


Now when I initially turned it on everything lit up, opened up iCUE and my RAM, AIO and CoPro had been detected but not the node pro.


So I updated iCUE and now the CoPro is not detected


I've tried repairing iCUE, unistalling, re-fitting connectors and checked device manager for unknown USB's all to no avail.


I do want to be able to control all 9 fans in sequence when I'm able to get the devices recognised is that possible without a second CoPro? (I do own a second)


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After a bit of trial and error I've managed to get both up on iCUE.


I moved the CoPro usb from the ROG Ext header on my Mobo to the normal usb 2.0 header and now both itself and the node pro have been detected.


Believeing now that the ROG Ext header may not be working or just wouldnt work correctly with the CoPro/node connected.


Problem now is I dont even have the usb from the 150i connected yet it is still showing up on iCUE?


EDIT: I restarted iCUE and the cooler dissapeared

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