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charging and other issues with Dark core RGB (non SE)


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I bought a dark core recently and I'm experiencing the most bizarre charging issues that I'm able to reproduce each time and I'm 100% sure the issues that I'm having aren't "features" but indeed unrealistic bugs.

So for instance since the last version (icue 3.14.104) I'm unable to charge the mouse unless it's powered off.

In the previous versions I'm able to charge while using the mouse BUT if I make any change to the lighting I won't be able to charge the mouse in any capacity.

If I'm not wrong changing/disabling buttons will also make the mouse not to charge (did not try to reproduce as many times as the other ones)

Also, unplugging the mouse and re-plugging and leaving unplugged with the wireless mode on several times in sequence made it unstable and it would suddenly disconnect while moving it (last version of ICUE) - after I restarted the PC it returned to normal.

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