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New Vengence M95 Mouse?


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Maybe I'm alone, but I love the Vengence M90 and M95. I ran my M90 to death and then purchased an M95, which is now starting to wear out as well. Understand, that I've been using one or the other for at least a decade, and each one has lasted me more than twice as long as any other mouse I've used long-term. I loved the design, the weight, the customization options - they weren't quite perfect, but they were easily the best mice I've ever owned (and I easily spend $300+ a year looking for a better mouse). I have a drawer full of mice - including an M65, a Scimitar Pro, and most recently a Dark Core - that haven't measured up, let alone knocked my M95 off my mouse pad for more than a day.


So what's the scoop? Are we going to get another M9x anytime soon, or should I start stockpiling them while I can still find a few on Amazon?

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