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Lighting Node Pro and FC New Dawn


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I am using the latest version of ICUE on Windows 10. My hardware is a MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard. I have my lighting node pro with 3 strips connected to one port on the device. The lighting node pro is connected directly to one of the mobo's USBheaders. I also use H110i, K65 RGB LUX, Glaive mouse, and HS70 headset.


Now, the issue. Sitting at the desktop all devices are recognized and work fine. They load different profiles, change colors, etc. without issue. When I launch FC New Dawn the RGB strips turn completely off, but the keyboard and mouse load the game profile(lighting) without issue. The colors for menus, game activity, etc will work without problem on the keyboard and mouse. No matter if I restart the computer, shut it down, restart icue, etc. the game profile will not work for the RGB strips EXCEPT in one case. If I flip the power switch on my PSU and leave it off so that that all power is discharged, flip the switch back on, power up the computer and then load the game everything works including the RGB strips. I have been able replicate this several times for testing purposes.


Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this?

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