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Help - lighting profiles dont 'loop'


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Trying to setup fancy animations with 4x corsair Dominator pro RGB sticks, and running into an issue where the lights 'stop' once they reach the end of what i've got set



This is an example that shows it up well





The intended effect is that when the programmed lighting 'runs out' at light 10, the new ones would start and it would overlap them, without any lights going blank - just like how all the built in profiles work


This affects a few other modes as well, such as gradient... it suddenly jumps to the starting colour, when it'd be great if it smoothed its way back to that


Instead, when it reaches the end it turns OFF the lights on the ram, and starts from the start again with a quite jarring effect


Is there something i'm missing with how i've got the settings done, or is this something corsair needs to work on?

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You have the velocity at 1 light a second.


Either you need to increase the "Lighting time in sec" to more than 10s or make the animation go faster.


Try velocity at 10 lights per second and "Lighting time in sec" to 30s or more if you need and see how it goes.


These two values play hand in hand together.


Set the tail to 4 or 6 lights.


And yes, you need to match the first and last colors for it to loop seamlessly.

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