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Horrible Support on Recall AIO

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My issue is regarding the recall I am effected by on the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum White edition.


When I first made my phone call the first customer support agent had no idea and even denied their was a recall even though it was posted all over their website. I speak perfect clear English with a North Western accent and their support member did not seem to grasp anything I was attempting to ask. We couldn’t even get in to my support ticket as I read her back my 6 digit number 4-5 times and eventually she sighed and said she couldn’t understand me! In the rudest way. I unfortunately had to hang up and call back.


Second agent was good quickly pulled up my ticket and transferred me to further support agent. This 3rd agent quickly verified my information and said he would get on processing my ticket.


Second issue, I asked about cross shipping. I mean I have literally dozens of Corsair Products in my household and arguably one of their most expensive coolers (price wise) that is being recalled. I would have expected this as a given. Unfortunately they stated no, and that I would have to be without my computer for up to 5 business days (Canada) so more like 7 days most likely. But hey! I get a free t shirt. (Sarcasm). That is all after they receive my product. So who knows I may be without a computer for up to two weeks.


Extremely disappoint with Corsair at this moment, this cooler is literally 2 days past Neweggs return policy, that’s how new it is. I would return it otherwise.


ticket number is # 879402, hopefully a Corsair rep sees this and I receive a new unit and not a referb so I can sell it online for a higher price as I cannot wait and am going to need to buy a new cooler.

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Hello Kdawg1989,


I would like to apologize about the first agent who tried to help you over the phone as well as us not being able to process any cross shipping for this product at that time. Due to the recall we only received batches of inventory to replace customer's unit bits at a time. If we were to promise to have a unit sent out during a cross shipping and inventory was not available then you would be waiting longer than they would of promised you. Do understand that if it was any other product we can sometimes make a one time exception to help accommodate you on the request. We offered customers a t-shirt as an apology for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


I've left a reply on your ticket, please have a look.




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I cant believe no one has got a lawyer yet but im going to speak to mine I shouldn’t haft have my work computer down for over 12 days bc there recall!! 1st call i had the guy straight hang up on me! then i called back then had the lady tell me i need register just start the recall process!! Unfortunately like the guy my newegg 1 day past!! When I noticed the recall on my h100i the guy told me there was nothing they can do and offered me a shirt!! Im sorry but a shirt not going pay for the 2 weeks of work im going miss bc your recall!! Im sorry Corsair that just unbelievable and you customer service his horrible hanging up on customers!! And cant speak proper English rly!! And now bc your defected AIO IT COST ME 2 weeks of work!! I will be talking to my lawyer bc this not ok at all im soo upset!!
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