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Horrible Support/Regarding Recall.

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Good afternoon.


I did not find any links where I could make an official complaint regarding my frustration with Corsair's Cosair and RMA products in Brazil.


You see, I set up my Corsair Setup with affection at the end of 2017 and I paid a lot more for the Corsair parts for wanting Quality pieces (in Brazil the pieces of computers are absurdly expensive). Shortly thereafter I started having the following problems:


After 3 months of buying my K95 Platinum keyboard stopped working, it was changed by the shop where I bought;


Some time later on 07/07/2018 I sent my Corsair Hydro Series H115i - 280mm High Performance Watercooler to the support of Brazil because it stopped cooling my pc and was replaced by the RMA;


On 12/17/2018 I opened another call to my Corsair void that gave problem in the microphone, also was changed by RMA;


On 03-16-2019 I opened another ticket this time for my Corsair Scimitar mouse that was not working the scroll and sometimes did not connect with the pc, it was verified the problem and made the exchange by RMA;


Also on 03-16-2019 I opened a ticket again because of my Corsair Void 2x where it again presented problem with the microphone and is where all my disappointment with Corsair is worse because the RMA did not offer me a new headset to perform the exchange of the defective product, but only offered the reimbursement in recurring currency in Brazil (REAL), despite everything I explained that I would like a new Corsair phone and that if necessary I would pay the difference between my phone and another phone if I could pick up a wireless even because I bought my Void in a promotion of the time and today I can not find other Corsair headphones in the same value; (I sent this message on 04-02-2019 one day After my birthday and I was completely ignored for more than a week, today 04-09-2019 I sent a message talking about my disappointment with the happened and I passed the data for refund of the I have to say that I have been using the headset for a while now and I have to buy one as soon as possible.Accessors not only ignored me completely but they were uneducated.It is really regrettable my experience with Corsair Brazil and I would like to pass it on to you what happened Today I am sincere that I am sad because of the way I was treated by the Corsair heads in Brazil, I tried to contact via Facebook, instagram and RMA and I was ignored by everyone, I'm sorry if the text is confusing, I'm not good with English but I believe to understand, I'm open for calls or conversations via email or any other channel you prefer.


Below are the configs of my pc:

Out of 6 Corsair products only 2 gave no problems yet.


Asus Maximus x Hero;

Intel i7 8700k;

Asus Strix 1080Ti;

Samsung Evo 960 500gb;

Memory Corsair Vengance RGB 32gb 3200mhz;

WaterCooler Corsair H115i PRO;

Corsair HX1000 Platinum Source;

Corsair Scimitar Mouse;

Corsair RGB K95 Platinum keyboard;

Corsair Void Headset.

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