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scimitar PRO RGB Cursor not working


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My Corsair scimitar PRO RGBs Mouse cursor has stopped working.

I can move it around a bit but eventually it will freeze in place for a few seconds or untill i've lifted it and dragged it around a bit.

Sometimes it just stops completly and won't work untill i've unplugged and plugged it back in.


I've tried reseting the mouse, clean uninstall of Icue, swapped it around in USB ports and i've tried another mouse which works fine.

So if anyone has a fix for this that would be awesome!


I've attached some logs to this post aswell


*edit If i turn of Icue the cursors stops directly, however if i change surface to my wooden desk instead of mousepad it seems to work.

So donno what that could be about, but the issue seems to go away/lessen when i have to mouse on this perticular wood surface..


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