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iCUE prevents Windows 10 to shutdown


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I have a problem since the iCUE v3.11.114 (i use it for K70 RGB keyboard and Glaive mouse).


Each time I shut my system down, Windows 10 is prevented to stop because of an error caused by CUETrayMenu.


A windows appears and it's written :

"The instruction at 0x000000000045D268 used adress memory 0x000000000045D268. The memory could not be written.


Click on OK to terminate the program".


I install and reinstall the driver many times, using CCleaner, but the problem is still here even with the latest version of iCUE.


I tried a trick : in ProgramFiles (x86), I tick "Use compability mode (Windows 8)" and "start with admin rights" on the iCue.exe.


By doing this, the crash on shutdown disapears. Good.


But the CUE doesn't automatically start anymore when Windows 10 starts, I have to click on iCUE.exe to start the driver (and the mouse is verrrry clumsy without iCUE).


Can anybody help me ?

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