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570X and SP120 Flickering with Node Pro


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I have the Corsair 570X case that comes with the 3 SP120 fans, and later added a Lighting Node Pro. I connected the fan hub to the Node Pro to control it through iCue and it flickers a lot. I have tried one fan at a time as well and looking through tons of other posts like this there doesn't seem to be a fix as it's just a flaw with the SP120 fans.


I don't mind the case LEDs not working but is there any way I can get the fans replaced with something that works? Plenty of posters have gotten their entire Node Pro and 3 SP120 fans replaced only for the issue to persist so I don't particularly want to go to through the whole process of sending off my 3 SP120 fans to just get a replacement set with the same issues...

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