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Corsair H60 2018 Installation Problems on AMD Ryzen


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Hi all can anyone give me advice on this please?


I have the Corsair H60 (2018) Edition and I have the Ryzen 5 on the MSI B450 Gaming Motherboard.


And I had been having trouble in getting the pump to install on my CPU and my first thought I need the AM4 Retention Bracket in which I ordered.


Installed the screws through the back plate on my motherboard, but the pump wouldn't install. Having watched a couple of youtube videos on this it looked like the retention bracket went over the pump but nothing was working?


Well I eventually got the pump to install using the AMD Clips which was quite a fiddle.


So why wouldn't this install with the AM4 Retention Bracket?


Answers on a postcard please!


Many thanks


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