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two sexy corsair builds > diamond ring (she's the one lol)

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She said she would be mad if I spent more than 1k on a ring. She needed a new computer desperately too so...we both learned to build pc's and grew closer as a result! and spend a ton of time together! i recommend this if anyone considers proposing in the near future. diamonds may be forever, but we only got ~50 more years of life so id rather game with her haha.


heres the journey to a beautiful setup


the beginning...



her first attempt



her 12th!









i went nuts with my build,

rtx 2080

i7 9700k

quad ml140's on the h115i

lots of pretty fans


z390 msi gaming edge ac

the modular 750 watt

carbide 500d rgb spec


she has the white spec omega rgb (i like hers better) with a 1060 and most other stuff is the same except less ram

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