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Sp120 fan hub to jcorsair1 cable


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I have a MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard and i recently bought a corsair SP120 RGB fan triple pack.


I want to connect the corsair RGB fan hub to the JCORSAIR1 header on my motherboard in order to use MSI MYSTIC LIGHT software, but i can't find a cable to do that.


Can anyone point me to a site where i can purchase this "CORSAIR RGB LED Extension Cable" ?


If not, anyone can tell me how I can connect and use the CORSAIR SP120 RGB LED TRIPLE PACK FANS with my MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC and MSI MYSTIC LIGHT?


The image below is from MSI mobo manual showing how to connect the hub to the mobo with a cable called "CORSAIR RGB LED Extension Cable"



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Thank you for responding to my problem DevBiker. Ill take your advice to consideration.


In the meantime I asked MSI on a ticket and they send me to Corsair with the following response:


"Thanks for contacting MSI technical support.


Regarding your concern, we suggest you contact the Corsair for help. Thanks!


Thanks for your cooperation in advance!"


So I made a ticket to Corsair that send me to MSI with the following response:


"Thank you for contacting Corsair regarding your inquiry.


I believe a RGB connector cable is included with your motherboard.


I would contact MSI to verify that this was included with your motherboard."



There is a RGB connector but its not compatible with corsair products or JCORSAIR1.



So I have bought 2 products, a motherboard and a fan hub, that are supposed to work together, but none of the 2 companies gave me, or tells me where to find, a cable to connect the 2 products.

And furthermore they just send me from one to another without contributing at all to the solution of my problem that remains unsolved.


Only DevBiker tryied to and I havent payed him 220 euros in total.

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Bought my motherboard a month ago and it didn't have the one needed.


You wrote earlier "3 pin male to male with 2 wires" I think you wanted to say female to female as both the motherboard and the fun hub have the male on them.


Regarding my Corsair ticket , they told me they are going to sent me something, it wasn't clear what was it, but I suppose its the cable in question.


I will keep the thread updated.

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