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3.14.104 CoPro Fans Dropping - BSOD Issues!


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Latest version (3.14.104) seems to be wreaking havoc on my system. Nothing else has changed or updated on my setup, now I'm getting 4-8 BSOD per day! I've ruled out hardware failures and no other software/drivers have updated. Further, a few times a day when I look at the Dashboard, the 6 fans connected to the CoPro are not even there - only the voltage readings. I have to go into Control Panel / Devices & Printers and right click on the Commander Pro and "troubleshoot". This brings the fans back online. This usually happens a couple times per day.


Is there a link to older firmware so I can roll back to previous version that was stable for me? I use this PC as a dedicated/always on media server for 10+ users. I can't be having BSOD's happening like this.



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