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TWINX512-3200C2PT problems


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I have an ASUS K8V Deluxe, rev 2 board with an AMD 3000 Winchester CPU. All BIOS settings are at default values. This system will not post with both sticks inserted. With one stick inserted in the B1 slot (single stick test), the system posts; runs MEMTEST fine with no errors; and Windows XP loads fine and seems perfectly stable for hours. When I try the 2'd stick in the B1 slot (single stick test), the board will not post or boot, and I get an overclock error audio output.


With the same setup but using two sticks of TWINMOS speed premium sticks (512 each), I also have no problems with memtest or windows xp.


It appears that one stick is bad.


I purchased these in June of 04, I think from newegg.com.


Memory specifics:

(TWINX) CMX512-3200C2PT



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