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CoPro + 3 LL120 + 3 ML120 Pro (2 don't light)


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Hi all!!


I've finished building my rig, and 2 ML120 fans not lighting up.


I'm using:

1 x Commander Pro - plugged into the USB 2.0 Header on my MoBo along with the requisite SATA Cable. I have my USB 2.0 case cable connected to it.


1 x RGB Fan LED Hub - This has 3 x LL120's plugged into it: back and WC fans. They are in Port #2 on the Commander Pro. The SATA cable is plugged in as well. All 3 fans are recognized by Corsair Link (latest version), and I have full RGB control of them. No issue here. Each fan is plugged into the Commander PRO and I can control them via iCUE with no issues.


1 x RGB Fan LED Hub - This has 3 x ML120's plugged into it (3 Front Case). This is plugged into Port #1 on the Commander Pro. The SATA cable is plugged in as well. Here's where things get interesting. The ONLY fan that I can gain RGB control is the fan that I plug into Port #1 on the 2nd RGB Fan LED Hub. I have tested each fan, and each one lights up when plugged into Port #1 on the RGB Fan LED Hub.


If I plug any of the other 2 fans (doesn't matter which ones) into Ports 2 and 3, I get nothing. Only Port #1 works.


I've swapped the order, change hubs with HD one I have as a replacement and nope.


In Corsair iCue ive set up Channel 1 with 3 ML120 and Channel 2 with 3 LL120.


The Commander PRO firmware version is 0.8.210. iCUE version is 3.13.94.


The next thing I'll do is uninstall iCUE and reinstall.



In summary


1 x Commander Pro

2 x LED Hub

3 x ML120's (into Hub 1 - Port 1 on the Cpro)

3 x LL120's (into Hub 2 - Port 2 on the CPro)

3 x LL120's work

Only 1 x HD120 works (whichever LED header is plugged into Port 1)


Thanks a lot











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I'm seeing you have HD, LL and ML fans connected to your PC.

You used the Commander Pro with 3 LED HUBs?


I will try to connect one HUB vía commander pro and the other HUB in a Lightning Node PRO and see what happens


Oh ... I have 3 LED Hubs, yes. I actually have the ML and the HD on a single hub. 3x ML == 1x HD.


I also have some of my Corsair RGB Strips connected to Fan Hubs. I can power 12 strips on a single fan hub.


I go a little off the beaten path with the RGBz.

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