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PowerEdge 400SE not listed


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I was thinking about putting 2 GB of VS1GBKIT400

Corsair Value Select (Dual Pack) 184 Pin 512MBx2 DDR PC-3200 in my Server but i can not find the 400SC in the DELL compatibility search

I think it has the Intel 875 chipset and will run in Dual mode.

I was wondering if this RAM would run in this box and if it would run in DUAL Mode?





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All I can tell you would be the chipset would support un-buffered memory and they may work fine, but we do not test with OEM systems. And you would have to remove any memory you now have installed. As long as this system is indeed based in Intel I875 chipset.
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Will it run in Dual Mode?


Thanks for the reply


The OCZ 3200 i now run dose not impress me


I just want a nice fluid running Ram

I do have the i875 chipset in this rig.

the OCZ runs ok with 2x 256 but not as well with 4x 256, all the same dual mode sticks.

512 just don't have that seemless performance one gets with 1024 or 2048


The Corsair I'm looking at would probably rock this box and I would upgrade if I thought these 4x 512 VS1GBKIT400 would runn in Dual Mode without issues.


I of course could use the Ram in other machines if not, but really wanna get my gammin/browser rig straight.

Again i do thank you for any consideration.



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